Last update : 27.09.2022

Today, July 20, the next "government hour" of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held.


Today, July 20, the next "government hour" of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held.

In it, the deputies discussed the issue"on the work carried out on the provision of public services to citizens and entrepreneurs, the elimination of excess bureaucratic obstacles and further improvement of the level of public services."

Minister of Justice on the issue of the agenda R. Davletov made a report and answered the questions of the deputies.

It was noted that the types of services provided through public service centers increased by 4.5 times over four years, from 37 to 175, reaching a population of 40 million.more than one service is provided.

The buildings of 175 modern public service centers of the Republic were built and commissioned on the basis of Public-Private Partnership. From district (city) centers

50-100 km. in remote areas, 141 branches have been established.

40 by public service centers close public services were provided. Of this, 5.5 million in the current year more than public services were provided. The number of documents required in the provision of public services is reduced from 221 to 95 (57 percent).

A total of 2.6 million in our republic. there are more than one business entity, of which 231,450 business entities were registered in 6 months of 2022.

Also, in order to create lightness for the population living in a remote area, to save their time and money, more than 900 thousand tourist (mobile) public services were provided, of which more than 270 thousand services were provided this year.

Every day, on average, 40-45 thousand of our citizens visit public service centers and use the appropriate services.

In addition, within the framework of the project of the European Union and the UN Development Program, the activities of public service centers were studied by the network of international companies "PricewaterhouseCoopers". During the study, anonymous surveys were also conducted among visitors to the Centers. According to the results obtained, 90% of citizens were satisfied with the services provided and received an excellent assessment of the activities of the center's employees.

In order not to bother the population, it is established to record 7 types of acts provided by the registry office, to carry out medical examinations of married persons indicated by the health authorities, and to indicate citizens regardless of the place of permanent (temporary) registration.

At the same time, with the documents adopted by the president in the last 2 years on the reduction of bureaucracy and the development of Public Service, the demand of 73 types of documents and references from the population in the provision of public service to the population and entrepreneurs by state bodies was canceled. Information available in the state has been obtained through the "e-government" system, without the need of state bodies from citizens.

This resulted in an average of 15 million dollars a year more than a population was freed from excessive paperback, while the departmental office took up wandering.

Since June 1, 2021, as a result of the provision of Public Service, the procedure for issuing their duplicates on documents issued by placing a QR code (Matrix bar code) has been canceled. It is now established that these documents can be obtained in unlimited quantities and free of charge through the unified portal of interactive public services.

At the discretion of citizens and business entities, the result of the state service, which is indicated in 28 types, is the establishment of delivery by postal service to their address. This has put an end to the fact that citizens become obsessed with public service centers or authorized bodies for the second time.

The license information system was created and about 90 licensing services were launched. More than 34 thousand electronic licenses have been issued through the new information system.

In order to stimulate the population to use electronic public services, a 10% discount on all payments is established when using public services in electronic form.

From May 1, 2021, the practice of filling out a roundabout card is canceled when graduating from educational institutions or transferring studies from one educational institution to another.

Also, in his speech, the Minister of Justice said that "simplification of the provision of Public Services", adopted by the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on April 20 of this year, on the essence of the decree" on additional measures to reduce bureaucratic barriers and to develop the national system of public services", as well as on the work carried out on ensuring the implementation of the"road map "approved by the decree of PF-6269 dated July 24, 2021"on measures to improve the infrastructure of Public Services and expand the access he told the information that it would allow citizens to use all public services without using an electronic digital signature.

While providing information on the work carried out, R. Davletov also touched on the tasks that should be carried out in the near future, "we would like to consider giving the right to conclude a marriage to notaries if necessary. Because, even in notaries, very strong lawyers, understand everything. They will be able to confirm and testify the will of both parties. There are no problems," he said and informed the registry office that it is planned to establish the formation of birth, marriage, death, surname change on the basis of a single act.

After that, the questions asked by the deputies were given detailed explanations and answers by the Minister of Justice.

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