Last update : 02.12.2022

For inmates of orphanages in the Ministry of Justice organized a Day - "My Rights".


For inmates of orphanages in the Ministry of Justice organized a Day - "My Rights".

Today, 26 November was organized by the Ministry of Justice on the occasion of the Worldwide children's day, the day of “my rights” for the 9-11 classes of orphanages.

For information: 1954-th year was declared by the UN General Assembly as “20 November-World Children's day”, and every year this day is celebrated as the world children's day.

The educators of orphanages first got acquainted with the working process of the structural units of the central apparatus of the ministry and traveled to the library of the ministry.

During the exercise of the ministry and throughout the museum, young people took part in the legal environment, got acquainted with the history of jurisprudence, the judicial system, bodies and institutions.

In addition, during the open dialogue, presentations were organized by specialists for the educators of orphanages in order to increase their interest in legal education and the legal sphere, as well as the benefits established by the legislation.

The questions about the collection of subjects submitted by young people for admission to the Tashkent State University of law, academic lyceums and legal technicians, the process of reading and the requirements for foreign languages were answered in detail by specialists.

At the end of the event, the youth were presented memorable gifts of the ministry, including the “Encyclopedia of youth” on the rights of youth and the books of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Visiting the Ministry of Justice of the orphanages, studying its history and activities, as well as communicating with specialists will serve as an impetus for them to choose a profession of law in the future.