Last update : 05.06.2020

About the club

Student club "Justice": on the way to professional activity

Since March 28, 2018, the student’s club “Justice” has been operating under the Ministry of Justice. It was created in order to establish a dialogue with the country's youth, to form and improve the professional knowledge, experience and skills of students in the “jurisprudence” direction, familiarize them with the specifics of the work of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, harmonize legal education directly with legal practice, train qualified personnel with high moral standards. values.

At present, students of 2-4 courses of the Tashkent State Law University are residents of the club "Justice". In their free time, they familiarize themselves with the activities and practice in the Ministry of Justice and the institutions of justice, in particular, in the central office, the Republican Center for Forensic Examination named after H. Sulaimanova, the Agency of Public Services, the Justice Department of Tashkent and notary offices in the regions.

Students during the club membership period can master the skills of work in the ministry, familiarize themselves with the rule-making activities, and get answers to their legal questions. In addition, they can get the necessary experience, knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

1) reliable protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, rule-making in the field of social and state-building, aimed at ensuring the rule of law, the implementation of a unified state policy in law enforcement;

2) the organization of a system analysis of the rule-making activities of state authorities and administration, law enforcement and regulatory agencies, the implementation of a comprehensive examination of the draft legislation submitted or adopted by them to determine their compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, legislation, goals and objectives of reforms implemented in the country, as well as rules legislative techniques, the identification of "white spots" in existing legislation, along with the rules and regulations that create conditions for corruption in the system of state power and administration, committing other offenses;

3) study of cases related to ensuring and protecting human rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, laws and international treaties, directly participating in the implementation of measures aimed at comprehensive development of civil society institutions protecting the rights and interests of different segments of the population, legal support of their active participation in the democratic renewal and modernization of the country;

4) the effective implementation of work by state bodies and public associations in the field of legal propaganda and education, aimed at raising the legal awareness and legal culture of the population, strengthening the rule of law in society;

5) ensuring effective legal protection of the interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of international legal relations together with the relevant government bodies and other areas.

For residents of the club, regular meetings are organized with the participation of the Minister of Justice, deputy ministers, heads of departments and experienced ministry staff. For a relatively short period of time, the club has become a kind of dialogue platform for future lawyers and leading experts in the field.

It is also important that the residents of the club, who successfully graduated from the university, during the period of training in terms of knowledge and behavior served as an example for the rest, will have a priority advantage when applying for a job in the ministry and its structural divisions.

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